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About us

TRVLinspirator provides a unique range of concierge services if you are on a holiday or if you own a second home on the Costa del Sol. Our intention is to create personalized, unlimited and effective luxury services to set you free of all your concerns.

TRVLinspirator was founded by Tim Stesses and Rachel Ernest who are based in Marbella for almost 15 years. Our company was created after we heard from several friends how much they appreciate our local knowledge and by giving them free advice. It’s our hobby and passion to inspire others and show how fantastic it is in Marbella.

If you are the owner of a second home or renting a long term apartment It’s very important that when you are not around, someone is watching over your property. We want you to arrive in a clean house or apartment and leave your property at the end of your holiday with a relaxed feeling. Your TRVLinspirators are trying to build up a close relationship with our clients based on trust, we always want to be totally in line with what we agreed on, professional connections and our Marbella experiences.


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